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Lakshmi Maternity Hospital was started by Dr.Padma. L.Ravindran MD, DGO, FICMCH in the year Feb 1991 with the aim of providing compassionate and quality care to women of all age groups across all religion, caste, financial status.

Located in Chennai, Lakshmi Maternity hospital & Larc Fertility Centre is one of the best gynaecological, obstetrics and maternity centres, providing distinguished services to patients for more than 28years. We are one of the first maternity hospitals to provide low-cost quality care for obstetric and gynaecological procedures and surgeries based on their ration card status.

Our administrations are designed to convey the plausible best care as you require to go for, as per the extent of your wellbeing. We believe in looking out for their patient thoroughly and providing the best-personalised assistance depending on the patient’s condition.

We are a trusted healthcare system that guarantees execution, care and compassion, wellbeing, and the most punctual conceivable recovery. We have the required expertise with over a decade of experience in treating all types of skin diseases and are reliable to convey the best execution. Our top-notch resources in the services, techniques and technologies are capable of accomplishing the high standards of healthcare.

Every one of our doctors is profoundly skilled and have spent significant time in their fields and are committed to giving you their utmost consideration and compassion. You can unreservedly counsel with them about your queries and concerns or anything in regards to your condition, and it's dangers or symptoms.

Lakshmi Maternity Hospital also offers free OPD services on Wednesdays along with free family planning procedures for women with low-income status.

We are dedicated to providing integrated care and progressive treatments related to the female reproductive system like pregnancy, menstruation problems, ovarian cysts, sexual dysfunction and pelvic area injuries to our patients with the best facilities and services.

Our hospital is well outfitted with all the most recent medical advances and modern facilities to give the patients expert and quality healthcare with all the advantages and a profoundly accessible facility. To us, teamwork is focal, and we each take the responsibility to contribute effectively to teams.

Lakshmi Maternity Hospital has also launched a number of free adolescent education programmes for schools in Kelambakkam and Thiruporur (Kanchipuram District). This includes anaemia awareness programme, adolescent sex education programme and program for personal and menstrual hygiene for girls.

Lakshmi maternity hospital was started with the intention of offering a tender, expert and quality care to the pregnant women, adolescent girls, women of reproductive age group, perimenopausal women and geriatric women - in short, woman from ‘woman to tomb’.

The hospital is a government recognised family planning centre with the conduction of safe abortions, tubectomy, Laprascopic sterilisation and vasectomy. It offers both medical and surgical abortions.

The hospital has been recognised by the Bharat Sevak Samaj to train students to patient care assistance since 2010.

The hospital has been recognised by ICMCH (Indian College of Maternal and Child Health) as an approved centre for teaching and training in obstetrics and gynaecology.

To help the economically backward women of the local area, the hospital offers low-cost concessional rate treatment.


Our vision is to empower women to achieve safe, affordable, qualitative reproductive health and patient-centred healthcare with excellence in service, and access.


To walk the women through hassle-free adolescence, reproductive and menopausal period with quality care, compassion and education.


  • Dignity & Reverence: Every life is a gift from God, and each individual is valued. We treat our patients with respect and compassion.

  • Trust: We promote honest and open communication with patients and among staff.

  • Teamwork: We recognize the contributions of all enhance the health of the communities we serve.

  • Service: We work in cooperation with other organizations to protect vulnerable populations throughout the region.

  • Integrity: We are honest and fair and scrutinize everything we do.

  • Learning and Development: We engage in continuous learning through training and role modelling.

Other Attached Facilities

  • Pharmacy run by qualified pharmacists

  • Govt. Approved Ultrasound Scan Centre

  • Clinical laboratory for blood screening investigation including histopathology with outsourcing official

  • Painless Labour (Epidural)

  • Patient Education Programmes

    • Anaemia program

    • Antenatal education

    • Menopausal education

    • Adolescent education

    • Osteoporosis awareness

    • Physical fitness awareness

    • Healthy nutrition program

  • Physiotherapy

  • Antenatal exercises for each trimester of pregnancy

  • Postnatal exercises

  • Exercises for obesity

  • Pilates

  • Pelvic floor exercises

Why Choose Lakshmi Maternity 



Reasonable Cost

The foundations of Lakshmi Maternity hospital & Larc Fertility Centre inheritance are its unstinting spotlight on clinical greatness, reasonable costs, present-day innovation and forward-looking examinations and results. We keep ourselves well educated so that we can apply new developments in our fields and use innovative approaches to health care and customer service.


Modern Techniques

Our hospital provides it’s patients the perfect ambience and environment to recover and is always upfront to make them comfortable. We have all the modern techniques and technologies for treatments and a highly competent community for all the people to achieve their full potential for health and well-being.


High Quality Care

Our aim is to continue serving our patients with high-quality clinical care and ensure that our they experience with the best results.

We always try to make quality decisions to improve our administration to patients and let them feel sure about our hospitality. We assure the patients for living with comforting and positive contribution and make them experience the best possible medications and treatments that we can provide in our hospital.

Hospital Faculty

Dr R Sugantha

M.S.General Surgery
Consultant Surgeon

Dr Narendran

MD Anaesthesia

Dr Jaisankar

Consultant paediatrician

Dr Rozzalt Rout

DNB Anaesthesia

Dr Chandru

MCH Urology
Consultant Urology

Dr Suresh P

MS Ortho
Consultant Orthopaedics


We at “Larc” strive for women’s empowerment and wish to utilise more natural methods so that she is able to reach her dream of achieving motherhood in a healthy way.

As we launch this new phase to help women achieve their dreams, we are pleased to announce “Easy IVF” (Ecofriendly, Affordable, Safe, Yielding IVF).

The easy IVF is eco-friendly as we use mostly the natural hormones in the woman cycle needed for ovulation. It is economical and safe as it reduces the OHSS and multiple pregnancy rates. Combining experience, technology and a few miracles to create families is our motto.

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